A relevant part of the research work performed in our laboratories is focused on studying the physico-chemical properties of several classes of ionic liquids, with the goal of connecting macro- (i.e. viscosity and density) and microscopic properties (intrinsic interaction ability of single ionic constituents) to the chemical structure of these systems, taking into account both static and dynamic effects.

To this pourpose physical, transport and electrochemical properties (melting points, phase transitions, glass transition temperature, ionic conductivity, viscosity, density, diffusion coefficients, etc) are measured on pure ILs or ionic mixtures as a function of temperature.

Moreover, spectroscopic and spectrometric measurements (UV, NMR, ESI-MS) are generally performed to evaluate the intermolecular interactions, dynamics, solvation and transport properties.

Kinetic and thermodynamic study of selected reactions are also performed to obtain quantitative information on the solvent properties of ILs.

Finally, FT-IR microscopy is used for the chemical identification of particles and smallest contaminations and the analysis of the distribution of a multitude of different components in complex (bio)materials synthesized in ILs or treated with ILs. These data are used to design and synthesize optimized ILs for specific applications.

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